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With 23.3 billion monthly UK searches, search is no longer a channel; it is the medium in which business transacts. If you’re a marketer, advertiser, business owner, or product manager, you can’t afford to think of search as a box to be checked or a task to be outsourced; you also need to be smart about incorporating search acquisition and SEO into your overall business strategy, including marketing and product development.

We help our customers understand how to think like Google, so that findability is built into your strategy from the start.

SEO awards

UK Search Awards - Best PPC Campaign 2011

fuse8 win the Best PPC Campaign 2011

Recognition for innovative approach and achieved outstanding results through national PPC advertising campaign for Persimmon Homes Plc.

Best SEO and PPC awards 2011

fuse8 nominated for best SEO & PPC campaign 2011

Recognition for the ‘Best Use of Organic Search (SEO)’ and ‘Best Use of Paid Search (SEM)’ for optimisation carried out on the Persimmon Homes website andMeningitis Research Foundation website.

Best SEO Leeds award winners 2008

fuse8 wins best SEO award 2008

Recognition for the ‘Best Use of Organic Search’ for the SEO activity carried out on the website of Dr Oetker SuperCook.


A snapshot of just a few successful SEO projects:

Alton Towers
On-going SEO campaigns for Alton Towers has produced amazing resutls. Overall site traffic driven by organic search engine marketing has constantly exceeded those generated previously by percentages in double figures, included amazing increases of 287% and 281% in September 2013 and 2012.Online conversions have increased YOY by 225% every year for the last 3 years.

Group tickets sales are 6% ahead of budget and conference bookings acquired from search results are up by 50%.

Organic traffic from Google increased by 65% in a few months and online donations increased by 450%. The Meningitis website has risen from position number five for "meningitis", to number one beating Wikipedia, BBC, NHS and Meningitis Trust websites.

Organic traffic to the website increased by over 167% over the last two years and converisons improved by 138% in September 2013 compared to the same period 2 years ago. Flexioffices are leading in serach engines for all London and UK locations. The SEO campaign proved a massive success and is a prime example of just how effective organic search engine optimisation can be.

Gordons Solicitors
Organic traffic to Leeds based law firm’s website increased by 309.30% generating a return on investment (ROI) ratio of 1:93 in the first few months.

SEO case studies

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