Digital agency.

That's one way to describe us.

fuse8 are a complete creative and marketing services agency that just happens to think interactive experiences are the best way for brands to get closer to customers.

We combine a wealth of technical knowledge with an understanding of what customers really want from companies to create  powerful digital experiences, building audiences and communities online that deliver real rewards for our clients.

The way consumers interact with any business has changed forever. And it's not stopping.

You need to work with a team that understands exactly how.


Design is what makes a good idea great.

It’s not easy to get your message out in today’s world. Sometimes you need to take a different tact to stand out from the crowd. With so much of what we consume being digital, putting something tangible and something ‘real’ into your customers hands could make a big difference. Especially when it is beautifully designed.

Everyone has a sense of identity. It defines what we like and dislike, how we dress, what we believe in, what we'll stand up for and go to the wall to protect. In essence, it allows us to say to the rest of the world: this is me.

fuse8 produces crafted and inspiring promotional materials, corporate brochures and display materials for retail outlets, product launches, conferences or exhibition halls. Whether it needs to be large scale, small scale, slot together, pop-up or free-standing, fuse8 provide the solutions to make your customers take notice.

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It's almost impossible to overstate the importance of the web today.

In an always-on, always-connected, every-demanding society an organisation's web site and other interactive services are very often the first and, for many the only touch point between customers and brands. Indeed 'online' hardly sums up all the opportunities that now exist to create interactive services, tools or platforms.

Whatever you call it, at fuse8 it sits at the very core of our capabilities. Responsive web solutions, mobile applications, e-mail marketing, SEO & e-commerce systems such as are the outputs of insights, creativity and the in-depth knowledge of what customer really want and need that is required to engage and influence an increasingly native digital audience.

Search Marketing

Search marketing - brand and
business fuel

Despite Bing's best efforts, Google continues to dominate the search engine market in the UK and beyond. Some sources suggest that anything up to 93% of all UK online searches begin from Google.

Ignoring this fact when a web site is built or refreshed; assuming users will just instinctively know how to find your website - no matter what brand you are - is at best risky. In many sectors the website is the No. 1 place to generate brand loyalty and real bottom-line returns. A search engine friendly website; built that way 'from birth' is no longer a nice to have.

End your search for a company that really understands how the web works.

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